Redesigning playscapes with children and youth


streets where children, youth and adults play. Where cars do not pass and even when they do, they drive slowly.
the street is equally wide for pedestrians, cars, bicycles, for nature and play.
a city where children live, play and grow in contact with nature.
schoolyards as community centers, open for the whole neighborhood even after school hours.
schoolyards that are green – not gray – where we can explore, learn and grow.
that childhood, play and nature have priority in the city!
and imagine schoolyards, streets, neighborhoods and cities also designed by children and youth.

If you can imagine all that, you are at the right place!

RE:PLAY network is a regional think – thank – act on redesigning playscapes together with children and youth, gathering professionals throughout the Western Balkans committed to wider socio-cultural urban transformation through pioneering nature-inspired play solutions with local communities of children and youth.

redesigning playscapes
redesigning playscapes
redesigning playscapes
redesigning playscapes

REplay network

We are bringing back play and nature to urban childhood in the Balkans

Nature is the ultimate playground